Energy Services

  • Project Management
  • Mapping & GIS Data Services
  • Acquisitions – Mineral, Leashold, Surface
  • Environmental Site Analysis
  • Geophysical & Reclamation
  • BIA – Allotte Acquisitions, Permitting
  • Due Diligence – Acquisitions, Mergers, Divestures
  • Abstracts – Minieral, Surface, Federal, State

Right of Way Services

  • Pipeline Acquisitions
  • Federal Permitting/FERC
  • Railroad Acquisitions & Permitting
  • Utility Acquisitions – Electric, Wind, Solar
  • Locations – Drilling, Wind
  • Gas Storage
  • Settlements & Negotiations
  • Port Authority Representation – New York, New Jersey

Lease Your Minerals

Global Energy Consultants, LLC actively pursues mineral and energy leasing opportunities. If you have open minerals that you would like to lease – or if you have an existing offer to lease your minerals that you would like evaluated – please submit our mineral evaluation form.

We are eager for the opportunity to help with your mineral development!

Explore Your Leasing Options


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